Cessna 150

The Cessna 150, developed from 1958 to 1977, quickly achieved widespread success, with over 23,839 units produced over the subsequent 19 years. This remarkable accomplishment solidified its position as the fifth most produced civilian aircraft in history. Red Box Aviation takes pride in offering start power units, continuous power units, and aviation tugs tailored for this immensely popular aircraft.

For those in need of an aviation tug for the Cessna 150, we highly recommend the 709 tug. This meticulously designed and constructed tug is a valuable asset, saving time and costs for FBOs, maintenance shops, corporate aviation, or anyone involved in aircraft movement. If you’re in search of start power units, the RB25A is an excellent choice. This versatile unit can seamlessly switch between 12V and 24V settings, offering robust performance in a compact and durable package.

Feel free to reach out to Red Box Aviation to explore our recommended continuous power units and discover the full range of GPU and tug options perfectly suited for the Cessna 150 aircraft.

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