Cessna 205

Alongside the 206 and 207 models, the Cessna 205 aircraft constituted a family of single-engined airplanes utilized for both commercial and personal purposes. A total of 576 205s were manufactured over a two-year span in 1963 and 1964.

Red Box Aviation offers an excellent array of start power units, tugs, and continuous power units tailored for the Cessna 205 and various other aircraft.

For the Cessna 205, we highly recommend our RB25A start power unit, a switchable unit adaptable to both 12V and 24V settings. It boasts durability and compactness, delivering an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. Should you require continuous power units, please reach out to us for detailed information on the optimal ground power equipment for the Cessna 205.

If you’re in need of an aircraft tug, our 709 tug is an ideal match for the Cessna 205. This LazySusan aviation tug facilitates single-person manoeuvring of the aircraft in tightly stacked hangars or on the ramp, ensuring ease and safety.

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