Cessna 500 Citation 500

The Cessna 500 Citation I stands as a compact twin-engine corporate business jet, marking the inception of the Citation family. In the late 1960s, Cessna unveiled plans for an eight-seat jet, leading to the development of the Fanjet 500 prototype, later refined and rebranded as the Citation. Equipped with twin Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turboprop powerplants and straight wings, the aircraft exhibited a comparatively slower cruise speed than its contemporaries. Despite not achieving the projected success, the Citation I laid a solid foundation for subsequent variants, including the Citation II.

Red Box is delighted to offer an extensive array of ground power equipment tailored for the Cessna Citation I Model 500 aircraft, encompassing tugs, ground power units, start power units and more. These offerings are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of the Cessna Citation I.

This assortment includes the , the 717 tug, and the RBSC100 continuous power unit. The RBSC100 proves ideal for diagnostic tasks, pre-flight checks, or continuously powering equipment during operations, all without depleting the onboard aircraft batteries. Additionally, the RB50A is available for starting the aircraft, mitigating the risk of hot starts. For the Cessna Citation I Model 500, our TC3000 range provides a combination of start and continuous power in a single unit.

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