EMBRAER Phenom 300

The EMBRAER Phenom 300 took its inaugural flight in 2008 and has since become a remarkable success.

The latest iteration, the Phenom 300E, stands out as the first genuine light jet to achieve Mach 0.80. Notably, it also holds the distinction of being the inaugural business aircraft equipped with a runway overrun awareness and alerting system, elevating the Phenom 300 to new heights of excellence.

Red Box Aviation specializes in top-notch ground support equipment, and we strongly recommend the 717 aircraft tug for the EMBRAER Phenom 300. This tug empowers a single operator to navigate the aircraft swiftly and securely, particularly in tightly packed hangars or on the ramp.

For start power units, the Twin RB75A aligns perfectly with the aircraft’s needs, delivering approximately 3 assured starts. Additionally, the RBSC200 stands out as an excellent choice for continuous power.

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