Red Box continue to expand

As Red Box International continued to grow, the increased acceleration highlighted the need to expand their premises. Previously they had been situated in three separate locations, two based in Romsey and one in Eastleigh. Although they were suitably happy in their current location, combining the three buildings into one space was ideal. They began looking at larger buildings that not only had space for their current size but also allowed enough room for future growth within the company. After looking at the industrial units in the new location over a short period of time, they were very happy with the decision to relocate. They eventually moved into their new building in Totton, Hampshire in the autumn of 2017.


During the move from their old building to the new industrial estate the business began to get far busier than they had anticipated. Although this was fantastic news for Red Box International it became apparent in that time that they did not have enough space in their new unit to grow. Rather than the obvious solution of then moving to an even larger unit, Red Box International decided that the most economical option was to build a mezzanine floor in the new building. With a size of 570²M this allowed extra office space and increased productivity for the business as a whole.


Having the extra space has given Red Box International the opportunity to offer additional assembly work for other companies. This allows them to manufacture the parts with enough room to assemble the finished product ready to send to the customer.


The decision to build this extension instantly increased productivity within the company and left the building with some redundant space. Having this space is essential for further growth and gives Red Box International the guarantee that they are ready for the future.