Airbus A310

Frequency Converter for Airbus A310 and A310The Airbus A310 was a hugely popular aircraft manufactured between 1983-1998, with around 255 models being built during that time. As of July 2017, 37 A310s still remain in commercial service.

Red Box Aviation are delighted to offer a wide range of ground support equipment that is perfect compatible with Airbus A310 aircraft, including tugs, start power units, frequency converters, tool kits, and much more, with our 400 Hz AC, 90kVA frequency converter and RBI9650T avionics tool kit being extremely popular with customers who own this impressive aircraft.

If you are seeking tugs, start power units and continuous power units for the A310, simply get in touch with Red Box today and we will recommend the best solution for your specific requirements.

Please get in touch today if you have any questions regarding the ground power equipment we have available for the Airbus A310 aircraft and we will be happy to assist.

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