Boeing 727-100

The Boeing 727 is a narrow-body trijet airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The new design was a response to an increasing demand for an airliner that is smaller but similar to the predecessing Boeing 707, optimised for shorter flights. Introduced in 1964, the 727 is the only trijet produced by Boeing, utilising Pratt & Whitney Canada JT8D engines mounted on the rear fuselage, just below the T-tail. As the 727-100 was intended for use at smaller airports, it was important that it is not strongly dependent on ground facilities, which were often unavailable. For this reason, Boeing opted to install airstairs to its trijet, which later became one of its most distinctive features, along with the innovative auxilary power unit, which allowed for a number of internal systems to run from a ground power unit. The Boeing 727-100 was an immense success, and was bought in large quantities, remaining in service to this day.

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