Boeing 747-8

The original Boeing 747 wide-body jet airliner and cargo aircraft was introduced in 1970, with several new variants being introduced in the decades to follow. The latest addition to the 747 family to date is the 747-8, initially referred to as the 747 Advanced, and launched in 2005. When compared to previous models in the family, the 747-8 was the longest aircraft with an extended fuselage. Boeing aspired to make the double-decker 747-8 more economical and quiet, as well as more environmentally friendly, and have decided to utilise the efficient General Electric GEnx-2B powerplants, mounted on the wings derived from the 777 model. The 747-8 remains in production, with orders increasingly submitted to this day.

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This includes the popular RBT230 mechanic hand trolley case complete with 150 BAHCO tools, and the RBC8090 GPU Frequency Converter.

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