Bombardier (Business) Learjet 24

The Learjet 24 is a twin-engine, high-speed business jet, first flown in January 1966. The aircraft was an improved model based on its predecessor, the Learjet 23. The design of the aircraft had gone through several reviews, and the original plans were devised in great awareness of increasing cabin pressurization, to facilitate higher operating altitudes, as well as the use of more powerful engines, with a fire extinguisher system in place for the engines. The new design also involved a new windshield and the addition of an extra window on the right side of the cabin. These changes made the Learjet 24 the first business jet successfully being certified under FAR-25.

Red Box is pleased to offer a great range of ground power equipment for this aircraft, including tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, which are perfectly suited to the requirements of the Learjet 24 aircraft.

This includes the RBSC150 continuous power unit, which is ideal for diagnostic work, pre-flight checks or for continuous powering of equipment during operations, without draining the onboard aircraft batteries and the Twin RB75A for starting the aircraft, helping to avoid hot starts. We also offer a combination of start and continuous power in one unit for the Learjet 24 in our TC3000 range.

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