Bombardier (Regional) CRJ200

The Bombardier CRJ100 and CRJ200, formerly known as Canadair, belong to a family of regional twin-jet airliners developed and produced by Bombardier Aerospace. The initial CRJ100 model originated from the Challenger CL-600 610E design project, initially intended as a 36-seat jet airliner but never reaching production. Despite the project’s termination in 1981, Bombardier revived the plans after acquiring Canadair in 1986. Recognizing a growing demand for such aircraft, Bombardier proceeded with the development of the CRJ100 and later the CRJ200.

Both aircraft featured an extended fuselage based on the existing CL-600, equipped with reinforced wings and aerodynamic improvements, including a redesigned landing gear. The CRJ200 incorporated more advanced CF34-3B1 engines.

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