Cessna Caravan 208

The Cessna 208 Caravan stands out as a single-engine utility aircraft manufactured by Cessna. In 1981, Cessna made the strategic decision to embark on the development of a new single-engine aircraft designed to handle larger payloads. The aircraft’s structure incorporates a tricycle landing gear, airstairs positioned on the right side, and a sizable cargo door on the left. The Caravan’s cabin is configured to accommodate either 9 passengers or a substantial cargo load, depending on the selected configurations.

Red Box takes pride in presenting a comprehensive selection of ground power and support equipment tailored for the Cessna 208 Caravan. This collection includes tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, all meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of the Caravan aircraft.

Among our offerings is the 709 tug and RBSC50 continuous power units are also available, with the latter being particularly well-suited for diagnostic work, pre-flight checks, or sustained powering of equipment during operations—without depleting the aircraft’s onboard batteries. For initiating the aircraft, our RB50A is at your service, aiding in the prevention of hot starts. Additionally, our TC3000 range offers a combination of start and continuous power in a single unit, specially designed for the Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft.

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