Cessna Citation IV

In 1974, Cessna embarked on the development of an extended alternative to its original Citation I. The initial design for the new Citation III (Model 650) incorporated three Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D engines. However, in 1976, a revamped version was announced at the Fall NBAA convention. This redesign involved replacing the inadequate three-engine configuration with 2 Garrett TFE 731-3B powerplants, accompanied by a specific cockpit and T-tail. Subsequently, in the early 1990s, Cessna introduced a new variant of the aircraft, the Citation IV.

The distinctive features of the Citation IV design included a pressurized cabin, supercritical wings, and a T-tail. The powerplants utilized were two Williams FJ44s, featuring EFIS avionics. Despite these advanced features, the aircraft did not achieve substantial market success, leading to only four years of production for the variant.

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