Lockheed T-33

Lockheed T-33 Ground Power EquipmentThe Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (T-Bird) is a subsonic jet trainer, manufactured by Lockheed Corporation, introduced in 1948. The T-33 was originally designed for military use, under the designation TP-80C, which was then further developed into the T-33A two-seat trainer jet. The aircraft utilised a single Allison J33-A-35 engine, accomodated in the extended fuselage. Most of the initial models were purchased by the U.S. Navy, and used for flight training and smaller roles.

Red Box is pleased to offer a great range of ground power equipment for this aircraft, including tugs, ground power units, start power units, aviation tools, and more, which are perfectly suited to the requirements of Lockheed T-33.

This includes the popular RBI9400T mechanic hand trolley case complete with 161 BAHCO tools, the 717 tug and RBFLT120 electric tug.

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