Getting to know Priceless’ tug mover types

Red Box Aviation specialise in Ground Power Units but we have also been worldwide distributors of Priceless Aviation’s aircraft tugs since 2010, with our partnership and Priceless’ product line growing from strength to strength ever since.

Earlier in the year, we highlighted Priceless’ tugs but we’d now like to develop on this further and help you become a little more familiar with the different mover types that these can possess. No matter the size or the weight allowance, the idea of any tug is to allow the operator to manoeuvre aircraft quickly and safely around hangars and this is made achievable via the use of different mover types or attachments. If you’re in the market for a tug, it’s important to know what style you require so take a look below at all of the different kind Priceless offer to help you make a more informed decision.


Aircraft Tugs


In conjunction with this, we have created a product specification table on the website to allow you to compare and contrast, however the correct tug for you will also be dependent on your personal circumstances and your aircraft type, so we would always advise to contact our experienced Sales Team on either 44 (0)1799 512800 or via email at for further assistance.