Your one-stop shop for Ground Support Equipment

Red Box Aviation have been providing ground support equipment since 1993, with a fantastic selection of ground power units, tools, and toolkit solutions tailored to the Aviation, Marine, Automotive and Military industries. We’ve constantly found ways to continue our growth by introducing additional products and services such as aircraft tugs, load banks and testing equipment to fulfil all of your GSE and MRO requirements.


Ground Support Equipment - Holding GPU


Our ground power units, load banks and test equipment are all manufactured within the UK and our technical team are always on standby if you were to have any queries. For the tugs that we offer, we have partnered with Priceless Aviation Products to become their lead distributor for the UK and Europe.

If you’re not exactly sure on what unit, tug or toolkit is most suited to your requirements (whether you’re looking to meet the demands of your profession or hobbies), you can always use our aircraft search; a tool we created to provide you with the most appropriate options for your aircraft. Alternatively, you can check out all the different styles of tool kits we offer for all kinds of industries here.



However, the correct selection of ground support equipment for you will also be dependent on your personal circumstances, so we would always advise to contact our experienced Sales Team on either 44 (0)1799 512800 or via email at for further assistance.