What Tools are Carried on a Passenger Aircraft?

What aircraft Tools Kept on a Passenger AircraftHave you ever wondered what tools are carried out a passenger aircraft?

If so, read on as we explain not only what tools are kept on passenger planes, but why.

Passenger planes have a range of equipment on board to help with maintenance, repairs, and small modifications while flying. These tools are usually kept in a compartment known as the aircraft’s toolbox. While the precise list of tools varies based on the airline and aircraft type, the following are examples often seen aboard passenger aircraft:


  1. Hand Tools: This category includes basic hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches (adjustable and fixed), hammers, wire cutters, and cable crimping tools. These tools are used for various tasks such as minor repairs, adjustments, and maintenance of cabin equipment.
  2. Torque Wrenches: Torque wrenches are essential for tightening bolts and fasteners with the correct amount of torque. They ensure that connections are properly secured without being over-tightened or under-tightened, which helps maintain the structural integrity of the aircraft.
  3. Socket Sets: Socket sets consist of various-sized sockets and a ratchet handle. They are used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts in different parts of the aircraft, including seats, overhead bins, and galley equipment.
  4. Electrical Testing Equipment: Passenger aircraft carry electrical testing equipment like multimeters, continuity testers, and voltage detectors. These tools are used to diagnose electrical issues, check circuitry, and troubleshoot electrical systems.
  5. Portable Drills and Rivet Guns: Portable drills and rivet guns are compact and lightweight tools used for drilling holes, installing fasteners, and performing minor repairs on panels, cabin components, and seat assemblies.
  6. Oxygen Mask Test Equipment: Passenger aircraft have specialized tools for testing and verifying the functionality of oxygen masks and associated systems. These tools ensure that the emergency oxygen supply is functioning correctly.
  7. Sealant Application Tools: Tools such as sealant guns and brushes are carried on board for applying sealants to aircraft structures and components. These tools are used to seal gaps and joints, preventing air or fluid leakage.
  8. Tire Pressure Gauges: Tire pressure gauges are used to measure the air pressure in aircraft tires. Proper tire pressure is crucial for safe landings, and these gauges help ensure that the tires are inflated within the specified limits.
  9. First Aid Kits: While not strictly tools, first aid kits are essential safety equipment carried on passenger aircraft. They contain medical supplies and equipment to handle minor injuries or medical emergencies that may occur during a flight.


Further to these terms, it is important to also mention that passenger aircraft also carry additional equipment and spare parts specific to their systems, avionics, and engines. These items are typically stored in designated compartments or cargo holds, rather than in the toolbox, and are accessible to the crew as required.

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