RBSC150 – Press Release

UK company, Red Box International Limited, are extremely proud that the demand for products in their RBSC range of AC – DC power converters has continued unabated, with the diversity of these high grade, portable, continuous output 28V DC power supplies surpassing all expectations.

Such confidence in the product in backed up by the fact that the Ministry of Defence felt that the company’s latest rack mounted version of the RBSC 150 would prove to be an ideal way to power their latest radio communications equipment.  Following initial trials of the product, the UK Ministry of Defence have now taken delivery of a substantial number of units.

Red Box International’s Managing Director, Allan Ross, says “We are delighted that the Ministry of Defence have purchased our RBSC 150’s and are given to understand that they are at present in active deployment with our forces in the Middle East.  The feedback to date has been exceedingly positive and as a company we take pride in the fact that one of our products is providing assistance in what are often difficult and dangerous situations.

These power supplies have been designed to be lightweight for high portability in hangars and workshops, or can be rack mounted or wall mounted.  Input is 190V-260V (110V units are available on request) single phase AC and a stable voltage is maintained in extreme conditions.  These supplies will provide reliable high grade, stable, 28V power for powering communication systems, general maintenance, aircraft gear servicing, avionics work, crew training or weapons system checks on aircraft or armoured vehicles.

There are several variations of the RBSC with outputs of 50 amps, 100 amps, 150 amps or 200 amps, all at 28V DC. Available for a wide range of aircraft including private and corporate jets, rotary wing including Military and Police aircraft and also heavy-duty tactical support vehicles and armoured fighting vehicles.  They are also ideal for laboratory or workshop use, the RBSC units are fully portable (via carry handle and/or trolley) allowing them to be taken directly onto an aircraft.  The 50 amp and 100 amp units can be combined with a Red Box RB50A or RB75A portable battery start pack, on a lightweight trolley, for servicing and also starting of aircraft requiring up to 3,500 amps start power.


  • Output 50, 100, 150 or 200 amps at 28V DC
  • Compatible with 28V aircraft systems or armoured vehicle systems
  • Input 190-230V AC
  • Standard NATO 3 pin aircraft plug
  • Output cables available up to 10 metres
  • Trolley mounting available
  • 50 amp or 100 amp units can be combined with trolley mounted Start Power packs
  • Wide operating temperature -20 degrees C to + 50 degrees C
  • Non-hazardous for air transport
  • Man portable
  • RCD
  • Integral isolator switch (start power units)
  • Full range of accessories and connectors available (NATO approved) to suit civil and military aircraft
  • Robust and scratch resistant powder coated zinc coated steel case
  • A full range of output leads are available, including the NATO aviation connector, link connector for the dual pack, plus connectors for heavy duty land vehicles.

Notes for editors:

Established in 1994 Red Box International is a major supplier of equipment not only to the UK MOD, but also a wide range of other militaries and commercial organisations world-wide, including aircraft manufacturers, civil aviation, telecommunications, transport, marine, Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, Prison Services and the Security Industry. AN IS09001 company, Red Box, is based in Romsey, Hampshire (near Southampton) UK. Red Box offers complete technical and after-sales service both direct or via its worldwide distributor network. For technical assistance and enquiries about portable power packs, batteries or custom built security solutions, please contact us on +44 (0) 1794 518888 or email us at enquiries@lpa-connect.com

Adrian Jackson
MD, Red Box International,
Romsey, Hampshire
+44 (0)1794 518888