Czech It Out

Red Box International’s attendance at the first ever Aero Expo Prague proved an all-round success. Not only did the portable power experts have phenomenal success with many customers taking advantage of the discounts offered at the stand but they also made a lot of valuable contacts.

Marketing Director Adrian Jackson made the trip from the company’s headquarters in Romsey, Hampshire with a small team. “Although we had a few reservations for our free exhibition power service, we really had very little idea of what to expect,” he recalls. “As the first ever Air Show in the Czech Republic, this was a new venture for all the exhibitors. The show turned out to be a overwhelming success – as a result of our visit, we expect to finalise at least three very important partnership arrangements in the very near future.”

Aero Expo, held from April 25-27 at Príbram Airfield, about 50km from the Czech capital, attracted over 10,000 visitors. Visitors and exhibitors flew in from 21 different countries and a further 3,500 motored to the site.

Red Box supplied ground power to a total of eight aircraft at the show. These included Beechcraft, Cirrus, Diamond and Danfly. They also used their equipment to start Grob’s spn business jet at the end of the show.

With a range of portable Ground Power Units (GPUs) suitable for almost all aircraft, Red Box International has become a familiar sight at civil and military air shows around the world. They also manufacture Continuous Power Supplies and high current Transformer Rectifier Units.

Adrian Jackson
MD, Red Box International,
Romsey, Hampshire
+44 (0)1794 518888