Need an Aircraft Tug? You’re in luck!

Aircraft Tugs Available at Red Box AviationThese days, the list of the different styles of Aircraft Tugs on the market feels never ending. They can be found in every hangar and every airport worldwide but how do you distinguish what style and model is right for your requirements? The Red Box Aviation team know the importance in getting this decision right, so you can guide your aircraft safely around your hangar or airport of operation with precision and ease.

We offer a range of electric and gas powered tugs, capable of moving small aircraft to ones weighing up to 80,000kg/176,000lbs! We have created a production specification table on the website to allow you to compare and contrast, however the correct tug for you will always be dependent on your personal circumstances, your aircraft type and what lifting style you will need, so it is advised to contact our experienced Sales Team on either 44 (0)1799 512800 or via email at who will be able to select the perfect aircraft tug option for you.