Lead Acid or Lithium?

You’ve come to the decision that you need one of our start units for your aircraft. You’ve narrowed your options down by using our product specification tables to match your amperage voltage requirements but you’re now stuck on which way to go; Lead Acid or Lithium?

The answer will always be dependent on your personal circumstances as factors such as your aircraft type, how the unit will be used, the potential usage required and how the unit will be stored will need to be taken into consideration so it is advised to contact our experienced Sales Team on either 44 (0)1799 512800 or via email at enquiries@lpa-connect.com who will be able to select the perfect GPU for you.

However, we thought we’d provide you with a little more information on the advantages and potential obstacles you will need to take in to account in relation to our two types of start unit:


Lead Acid Start Units by Red Box AviationLead Acid (RB25A, RB50A, RB60A, RB75A, RB85A)


Our Lead Acid options are certainly cheaper compared to our Lithium counterparts and have a faster charge rate in comparison. They can also be transported more freely as they are classed as non-hazardous.


Although these style of batteries and units are very durable, they can be rendered unusable if handled incorrectly by deep discharging the batteries. Lead Acid is considerably heavier in comparison to our lithium options so if weight is a critical in your requirements, you may be better suited to a Lithium unit.



Lithium (RBL2500, RBL4000)

Lithium Start Units by Red Box AviationAdvantages

Our Lithium alternatives are more resilient than our Lead Acid equivalent and have a higher overall cycle life. They have no memory effect and can be recovered if they are deep discharged. They also weigh in a lot lighter. For example, our RB25A and RBL2500 are equal units, however the latter weighs over 10KG less.


Our Lithium units have an overall slower charge rate compared to their Lead Acid equivalents and are also the more expensive choice. When shipping these units there will also be a slightly higher cost as they are classed as hazardous items.


Need some additional assistance to help you decide between lead acid and lithium start units? Please feel free to contact our Sales Team for a more personal service, helping you make an informed choice regarding our ground power units and equipment on +44 (0)1799 512800 or via email at enquiries@lpa-connect.com.