What’s Next for the Aviation Industry?

With all the difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought across all sectors, within the Aviation industry it has become easy to wonder what happens next and how we will return to normality whilst manoeuvring down a more sustainable path.

What's next for the aviation industryBefore the global pandemic struck, the Aviation industry was responsible for 2.8% of the globe’s CO2 emissions but if we want to keep flying, we need to consider as many options as possible to make the process less damaging to our climate. The Guardian also reported a few weeks back that all planes sold by Airbus between 2019 and 2020 will produce over one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide during their lifetimes.

However, it appears that times are changing. There have been multiple reports stating that Airbus is gaining traction on developing the turbo-prop Hydrogen jet, the first of its kind by 2035. Although any formal decisions are still years away, the option will aid Airbus in meeting its goal of introducing a zero-emission plane by the middle of the next decade. You can view their reveal here.

What else can be done within the industry? As an ISO 14001 accredited company, Red Box are eager to continue the management of internal processes that will affect our environment. For example, all our Red Box ground power units comply; especially our battery powered GPU’s, which are a lot less harmful than engine-based products. Additionally, all of the metalwork used to build the casing for each unit is cut via our waterjet; which doesn’t use any or release any harmful substances.



We also offer electric aircraft tugs that can pull up to 80,000kg or 176,000lbs which are compatible with different mover types to suit your requirements.

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