Product spotlight – Frequency Converters

We’ve got another set of products to showcase this week, this time around it’s our Frequency Converters. Red Box supply both mobile and static options alongside our Ground Power Units, which range in power from 1KVA to 120KVA, all of which are certified by the TUV SUD product service laboratory. Let’s explain what Frequency Converters are and their function.

A Frequency Converter converts a fixed voltage and frequency from the available power source to a differing voltage and frequency. This can be used in situations where aircraft equipment power (115VAC, 400Hz) needs to be converted to match the available power source such as UK mains power (230VAC, 50Hz). This could be for when aircraft engineers need to replicate aircraft power supplies when carrying out development, testing or repairs on equipment installed within aircraft, from navigation right through to the coffee machine on a commercial aircraft.

Red Box offer three different styles, static, semi-mobile and mobile units which you can take a look at through the links provided. However, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Sales Team on +44 (0) 1799 512800 or via email at


Static Frequency Converters for Airbus A310 and A310  Frequency Converters  Product spotlight – Frequency Converters