Bell is a name that will always be remembered in the world of aviation. This is thanks to the Bell X-1 – the world’s first supersonic aircraft – and the fact that the company developed and produced many highly important civilian and military helicopters since the company was established in 1935.

Three of the most produced aircraft ever were manufactured by Bell were the – UH-1 IroquoisP-39 Airacobra and 206 JetRanger – which each being produced a very impressive 16,000, 9,584 and 7,340 times respectively during the periods in which they were in production.

If you own any Bell aircraft, our range of ground support equipment will have you taking to the skies in no time. As you would expect, different start up units, tugs and continuous power products in the Red Box Aviation range are more suited to specific Bell aircraft, and we have made it extremely simple for you to find exactly what you are looking for via the information below.