BAe 146-100, -200, -300/Avro RJ100

The British Aerospace 146, a short-haul and regional airliner crafted in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace, originated from the HS.146 Project initiated by Hawker Siddeley in the early 1970s. This visionary project aimed to create a 70-seat regional airliner featuring a high wing and T-tail. Unfortunately, the 1973 oil crisis prompted a temporary halt to the project. However, British Aerospace revived the development in 1978, leading to the delivery of the luxurious 146-100 in 1983. The freight configuration variant, 146-100QT, was also introduced, followed by additional variants like the Series 200 and 300, later re-designated by Avro.

Red Box proudly offers an extensive range of ground power and support equipment tailored for the British Aerospace 146 aircraft. This includes the RBFTC250-800 tug, and the RBC8090 GPU Frequency Converter. Our TC3000 range additionally provides a versatile combination of start and continuous power for the British Aerospace 146 aircraft.

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