Beechcraft 77 Skipper

Introduced in 1979, the Beechcraft 77 Skipper was designed to provide an easily maintainable and cost-effective aircraft, primarily tailored for training facilities. Beechcraft made a strategic decision to incorporate a T-tail just before initiating production. To outperform its training aircraft counterparts, the 77 Skipper features a side-by-side configuration of seats and is optimized for low-speed aviation, utilizing a GA(W) – 1 airfoil. Innovative constructions include tubular spars and honeycomb construction using bond-fastening, mirroring the approach taken with the 76 Duchess.

Red Box is delighted to present an extensive range of ground power equipment designed for the Beechcraft 77 Skipper aircraft. Our offerings include tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, meticulously crafted to align with the specific requirements of the Beechcraft 77 Skipper.

Additionally, the 701D Tug facilitates the quick and safe movement of aircraft weighing up to 4,500 lbs in tight areas.

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