Bell 407

Continuous Power UnitsThe highly popular Bell 407 helicopter was first produced back in 1995 and has since gone on to sell over 1,400 units (as of December 2017). The aircraft, which is still currently in production, was originally developed as a direct replacement for the 206 series.

Red Box Aviation provides a great range of ground power equipment for the Bell 407 aircraft, including start power units, continuous power units, aviation tugs, and more. If you are seeking a start power unit, we would strongly recommend the RB50A unit, which provides exceptional power to weight ratio, is fully switchable, and can be changed between 12V and 24V settings.

For continuous power, the RBPS50 is the perfect choice. This switchable unit will produce a steady 14.4 or 28.8 Volts up to the fully rated output current with power factor.

Please contact us for all queries regarding start power units and we will be happy to help.


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