Bell 427 #1

The Bell 427 stands as a light, twin-engine utility helicopter meticulously developed and manufactured by Bell Helicopter in collaboration with Samsung Aerospace Industries. Before proposing the Bell 427, the company attempted to create a twin version of its popular Bell 206 series, but without success until the late 1990s. The 427 marked Bell’s inaugural aircraft designed solely on a computer, with the finalised design employing two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207D turboshaft engines, propelling a four-blade main rotor system with a composite rotor hub and a two-blade tail rotor, akin to the Bell 407. Distinguishing features from the 407 include an extended cabin and the removal of the roof beam to facilitate a more comfortable passenger cabin. The Bell 427 was offered with a modified cabin layout for medical evacuation operations.

Red Box is delighted to present a comprehensive range of ground power and support equipment for this aircraft, encompassing tugs, ground power units, start power units, and more, meticulously tailored to meet the specifications of the Bell 427 aircraft.

This assortment includes the RBSC50 continuous power unit is ideal for diagnostic work, pre-flight checks, or continuous equipment powering during operations, without depleting the onboard aircraft batteries. The RB50A serves as an effective starter for the aircraft, reducing the risk of hot starts. For Bell 427 aircraft, our TC3000 range provides a versatile unit combining both start and continuous power in a single package.

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