Cessna 182 Skylane

The Cessna 182 Skylane aircraft, originally introduced in 1956, underwent development until 1985 before undergoing a period of decommissioning. However, production resumed in 1996, bringing about numerous enhancements to the original design, including a different engine and improved seating arrangements.

The enduring success of the Cessna 182 Skylane is underscored by its status as the second most popular Cessna aircraft currently in production, closely trailing the 172.

If you own a Cessna 182 Skylane and aspire to take it to the skies, Red Box Aviation provides an excellent array of suitable GPUs and aircraft tugs perfectly tailored for this Cessna classic. For an aviation tug, we recommend the 701, capable of swiftly manoeuvring the 182 Skylane, even in tight spaces. Additionally, we highly recommend the RB25A start-up unit, ensuring around 6 guaranteed starts.

For those in need of continuous power, the RBPS25 stands out as the best and most suitable solution. This compact, lightweight, and highly portable power unit caters to various power needs.

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