Cirrus Vision

The Cirrus Vision Jet (also known as Vision SF50) took its inaugural flight in July 2008, a year after the manufacturer initially presented a mock-up. As of October 2019, a total of 150 aircraft have been delivered globally, with expectations for many more in the years to come.

This aircraft has swiftly garnered widespread acclaim since entering production. The Cirrus Vision Jet (Vision SF50) clinched the Collier Trophy, recognized as the “greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America.”

Red Box Aviation provides an extensive selection of ground support equipment precisely tailored for this aircraft, encompassing tugs, start power units, and continuous power solutions.

For those in search of a tug for the Cirrus Vision Jet, we highly recommend the 709 LazySusan Tug. This tool facilitates the swift and safe manoeuvring of aircraft by a single person, especially in tightly stacked hangars or staging on the ramp. In terms of start power units, we suggest the RB50A, known for its durability and compact design, coupled with an exceptional power-to-weight ratio.

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