EMBRAER EMB110 Bandeirante

Tug 717 - EMBRAER EMB110 Bandeirante The EMBRAER EMB110 Bandeirante was a 15–21 passenger twin-turboprop light transport aircraft that was produced between 1968-1990, with 501 built during this time.

EMBRAER wanted the EMB110 Bandeirante to provide a suitable aircraft for both civilian and military purposes, whilst offering a high level of reliability with a reduced operational cost when compared to other similar aircraft being developed at the time.

Red Box Aviation manufacturer a number of Ground Power Units that are perfectly suited to the requirements of the EMB110 Bandeirante, including our highly popular RB75A start power unit. If you are seeking a reliable aircraft tug, we strongly recommend the 717 tug developed by Priceless Aviation, which is able to move aircraft up to 15,500 lbs.

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