EMBRAER EMB120 Brasilia

Tug 717 EMBRAER Emb120 BrasiliaThe EMBRAER EMB120 Brasilia was produced between 1983-2001, which saw a total of 354 of these great looking aircraft being built.

This twin-turboprop commuter airliner was another success for EMBRAER, who have become renowned for their aircraft designs, including the hugely popular Phenom 100 and Phenom 300, to name just two examples.

Although no longer in production, Red Box Aviation offers a great selection of ground support equipment for the aircraft, including a range of ground power units and tugs. For the EMBRAER EMB120 Brasilia, we strongly recommend the Twin RB75A start power unit, which provides a maximum voltage of 26v DC, whilst the 717 tug manufactured by Priceless Aviation is ideal, as it moves aircraft up to 15,500lbs and makes it easy for one person to manoeurve quickly and efficiently.

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