Taking flight for the first time in August 1995, the EMBRAER ERJ-145 aircraft emerged to carve a niche in the regional jet market. Manufacturers believed that elevating the aircraft’s speed and comfort would eclipse concerns about its fuel economy.

As of October 2017, orders for various versions of the EMBRAER ERJ aircraft have reached 1,213, with production ongoing as of February 2020.

Red Box Aviation is delighted to present a diverse array of ground support equipment tailored for the EMBRAER ERJ-145 aircraft. This selection includes start power units, continuous power solutions, and tugs. Our recommended GPUs and tug for this aircraft are detailed below, with the 717 tug designed to facilitate the swift and safe manoeuvring of aircraft by a single person, particularly in tightly spaced hangars or on the ramp.

We also highly endorse the Twin RB75A start power unit, ensuring approximately four starts in total.

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