Eurocopter Sa360

The Aérospatiale SA 360 Dauphin was a single-engine utility rotorcraft, developed and manufactured by Aérospatiale. The SA 360 Dauphin was developed in the 1970s, intended to replace the widely utilised Alouette III as well as to fill the gap in the company’s product line with a 6-10 seat helicopter. The design for the SA 360 Dauphin was closely complementing the Alouette III’s, sharing features such as the rotor-blades installed. The rotorcraft was powered by a single Astazou XVIIIA engine, and akin to its predecessor had a fenestron anti-torque device. With its maiden flight in 1972, the SA 360 Dauphin was marketed as both a civilian and military aircraft, however as it wasn’t an excessive improvement from previous models, sales were plummeting, with productions being ceased in less than a year.

Red Box is pleased to offer a great range of ground power and support equipment for this aircraft, including tugs, ground power units, start power units, aviation tools, and more, which are perfectly suited to the requirements of the SA 360 Dauphin aircraft.

This includes the popular RBI9400T mechanic hand trolley case complete with 161 BAHCO tools, the 709 tug, the RBSC100 continuous power unit, which is ideal for diagnostic work, pre-flight checks or for continuous powering of equipment during operations, without draining the onboard aircraft batteries and the RB75A for starting the aircraft, helping to avoid hot starts. We also offer a combination of start and continuous power in one unit for the SA 360 Dauphin aircrafts in our TC3000 range.

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