Legacy 600

The Embraer Legacy 600, a business jet derived from the company’s ERJ-135 model, is designed to accommodate up to 13 passengers in three partitioned sections for a range of 3,050 nautical miles (5,650 km) or 8 passengers for an extended range of 3,450 nautical miles (6,390 km). Distinguishing itself from its predecessor, the Legacy 600 features additional fuel tanks in the tail behind the baggage compartment, winglets, and an extensive drag reduction program. The model is equipped with a Honeywell Primus Elite avionics suite glass cockpit.

Red Box is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of ground power equipment tailored for Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft. This selection includes tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, all meticulously suited to meet the specific requirements of the Embraer Legacy 600.

Our offerings include the popular 757 CFBO-NJ tug, and the RBSC150 150A continuous power unit. The RBSC150 is ideal for diagnostic work, pre-flight checks, or providing continuous power to equipment during operations without depleting the onboard aircraft batteries. Additionally, we provide a combination of start and continuous power in a single unit for Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft in our TC3000 range.

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