Nihon YS-11

Nihon YS-11 Ground Power EquipmentThe NAMC YS-11 is a turboprop airliner, designed and built by the Japanese Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. The YS-11 had the distinction of being the only post-war airliner fully developed and built in Japan. Around 1954 the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan announced a proposal for companies to innovate a short-haul airliner, for which NAMC submitted plans of the YS-11. The YS-11 consisted of a low-wing, pressurized monoplane design, with seating for up to 60 passengers. The aircraft was fitted with Rolls-Royce Dart Mk.542-10K powerplants, the only aspect of the YS-11 that was not constructed or developed in Japan. Productions lasted until 1974, with 182 aircrafts built by that time.

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