Robinson R44

The Robinson R44, a lightweight utility and trainer helicopter, has been manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company since 1992. The R44 Raven, developed as an extension of the two-seat Robinson R22, incorporates many features directly inherited from its predecessor. These features include the semi-rigid two-bladed rotors and landing gear, showcasing the side-by-side passenger configuration seen in the R22.

A notable enhancement for the R44 is the incorporation of hydraulically assisted flight controls and adjustable pedals. Additionally, it is equipped with an advanced fuel-injected powerplant, rendering the R44 an exceptional aircraft for pilot training.

Red Box is delighted to present a comprehensive range of ground power and support equipment tailored for the Robinson R44 Raven aircraft. Our offerings include tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, perfectly aligned with the needs of the Robinson R44 Raven.

Among our featured products is the RBPS25 continuous power unit is ideal for diagnostic work, pre-flight checks, or continuous powering of equipment during operations, without depleting the onboard aircraft batteries. The RB25A is specifically designed for starting the aircraft, helping to prevent hot starts. Furthermore, our TC3000 range provides a combination of start and continuous power in a single unit for Robinson R44 Raven aircraft.

Discover a suite of reliable and efficient ground power solutions from Red Box, designed to meet the demands of the Robinson R44 Raven aircraft.

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