A 2021 Recap

Aircraft Tug Ground Power UnitAs 2021 draws to a close, the Red Box Group are filled with excitement of what lies ahead. Nevertheless, it’s important to reflect on the growth we’ve made across all our companies; to maintain the development of new products and services and to continue serving our valued customers in what has been another COVID-stricken year. 

In today’s post, we’re going to smell the roses and look back at some of the things we’ve achieved in the past twelve months:

The Aviation Team made further developments on our 25 and 50amp 14/28V DC ground power units, to ensure that the units can deliver continuous power for tasks such as aircraft crew training, servicing, diagnostic work and pre-flight checks without draining the aircraft’s onboard batteries. This was done by sourcing more attainable yet superior boards for these units. We tweaked the design of the units too, to create a more aesthetically pleasing product range. Have a look at our GPU’s here and whilst you’re browsing have a look at all of our Aviation products, like our Load Banks, Aircraft Tugs and Test Equipment. Although, if you’re shopping for your aircraft and are unsure on where to start, the team have created a handy aircraft database (dubbed Aircraft Search) to assist you in finding the correct products to meet your requirements and operating conditions.

Tool FoamThe workshop is edging closer to rivalling Doctor Evil’s secret lair with the purchase of not one but TWO lasers. Operating at both ends of the scale, our smaller laser allows us to etch tool part numbers and codes on to our tool kit foam layers for more customisation options and the larger version allows our Engineering Team to accurately cut components for larger projects or to complete bulk orders. Additionally, the latter gives us more opportunity to increase our workload to an even higher volume and alongside the use of our waterjet and punch machine.

Our powder coating business has continued to grow whilst fulfilling Red Box Group’s coating needs in-house. In conjunction, a shot blasting bay has been built; adding another providable service. So, if you’d like to remove some old coating and start afresh, you know who to contact.



Amongst the ever growing list of machinery we have at our disposal, the Red Box Group purchased a wood router, taking our CNC capabilities to new heights. On the other hand, we now have a custom label printer to boot, allowing us to produce labels for our GPUs, tool kits and any other custom work you need.


The icing on the cake however, is all of the progress that the Red Box Tools Team has made. We are now distributors for not only BAHCO individual tools but DRAPER and FACOM as well! We opened our new and improved tool shop to the public, whilst continuing to supply pre-designed or completely bespoke kits to fit your needs and wants.



Our Engineering Team played a massive part in getting the refurbishment complete by powder coating the shelving and signage (red, of course) and gave the front of our units a makeover to match. Alongside all of this, Red Box Tools have worked tirelessly to launch the revitalised Tools website, making it even easier to purchase all your tools from us online and have continued expanding our base of operations overseas with Red Box Tools and Foams USA.

It’s been tough at times but a great year overall. We’re looking forward to what’s next and plan on staying on this trajectory of growth for years to come; so if you’ve got any work you’d like for us to look at, or you’re eyeing up one of our tool kits, give us a call on +44 (0) 1799 512800 or get in touch via email on enquiries@lpa-connect.com and we’ll feed your enquiry through to the right person. Alternatively, feel free to stop by to check us out and support one of your local businesses!


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