Red Box International Go From Strength To Strength

Red Box International are pleased to announce the recent expansion of their premises. The production area has now more than doubled in size, while also increasing the office facilities significantly. This is due to the overwhelming demand for Red Box units over the past year. Red Box International has gained a strong name in ground power equipment and ground support equipment alike, while their portfolio continues to grow with newly developed products being released every quarter.

The new, expanded facilities will be used to produce the latest range of TRUs. Also, in recent times Red Box has signed a contract to manufacture the Priceless Plane Tug range in the UK. They will be servicing the UK and Europe from their new purpose built facilities in Hampshire.

The increase production area will help Red Box International to build on its reputation as market leader in portable ground power equipment, while also increasing its production of TRUs, Frequency Converters and Tugs.