Red Box International Opens New Premises

Past Mayor of Romsey, Hampshire, Dorothy Baverstock, was guest of honour at the celebrations to launch the brand new premises of UK company, Red Box International Limited.

Guests were given a guided tour of the comprehensive facilities that Red Box are able to offer at the Fernacre Business Park, Budds Lane, Romsey, Hampshire, to their staff, customers, suppliers and world-wide distributors. The workshop was in full production in preparation to send out twenty-nine RBSC150, 150A 28V DC power units for use by the British Armed Forces in Iraq. The units will be used to power vital radio equipment.

The Red Box RBSC range comprises 4 units with outputs of 50 amps, 100 amps, 150 amps or 200 amps, all at 28V DC. These power supplies have been designed to be light weight for high portability in hangars, or can be rack mounted or wall mounted. Input is 190-250V single phase AC and a stable voltage is maintained in extreme conditions. These supplies will provide reliable high grade, stable, 28V power for general maintenance, aircraft gear servicing, avionics work, crew training or weapons system checks. Available for a wide range of aircraft including private and corporate jets, rotary wing including Military and Police aircraft and also heavy-duty tactical support vehicles and armoured fighting vehicles. They are also idea for laboratory or workshop use, the RBSC units are fully portable (via carry handle and/or trolley) allowing them to be taken directly onto an aircraft. The 50 amp and 100 amp units can be combined with a Red Box RB50A or RB75A portable battery start pack, on a lightweight trolley, for servicing and also starting of aircraft requiring up to 3,500 amps start power.
Past Mayor Dorothy Baverstock cut the ribbon to announce the formal opening of 11 Fernacre Business Park, and Managing Director, Allan Ross and his fellow director, wife Frances, and Frances’ sons, Adrian and Paul Jackson, drank a toast with their guests to the continued success of the company. Red Box International’s Managing Director, Allan Ross, told guests that this was indeed a proud moment for him. Sometimes he has to pinch himself when he thinks back to the company’s humble beginnings when he sat in a back room of his house in 1993 with a blank sheet of paper and a phone. Allan went on to say that he is thrilled with the work the company does with regard to counter terrorism, homeland security and the offices of the Deputy Prime Minister, and also that their tactical camera is of interest to NATO security forces.

The company not only deals with power supply products for aviation use, but also has a range of highly specialist security products, which includes the portable search camera “Snake Cam.” Snake Cam is used by police search and protection teams, fire search and rescue teams throughout the world.

Red Box can be contacted on +44 (0) 1794 518888 (

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