The Spitfires round the world trip…

The team have recently created new shadow foams for a flight team, Boultbee Flight Academy. They are embarking on a round the world trip in a Spitfire!

The Red Box team created foams for two cabinets for the team who are taking on the epic challenge of flying a silver Spitfire Mark IX from Southern England. They plan to start their journey towards the end of summer 2019 and be back home by Christmas!

When they touch down back in Britain they will have landed in over 30 countries. Entering airspace the Spitfire has never entered before. As well as flying over the Far East and North Africa. The aircraft has not entered these spaces since the end of the Second World War.

The men who will be taking on this challenge, Matt Jones and Steve Brooks, say “It’s an ambitious adventure, but we are on track and we will be ready.”

The iconic aircraft, will be followed on its journey by a PC-12. Carrying the project director and the group’s chief engineer. Red Box are proud to have supplied the foams for the teams tool kits, which they will reap the benefits of in the build-up to the flight.

These layers will enable the team are able to stay organised. They will help to keep tools in once place and prevent them from getting damaged. The team designed the foams to fit in to two existing cabinets, but they are also transferable to a Peli-Case. Allowing the team to have more options in terms of transportation for their tools.

We wish the team good luck for their flight and hope that they enjoy using their new foams!

You can follow the teams progress via The Telegraph.

For more information on Shadow Foam call our team on +44 (0) 1799 512800.