Viper Link 400 Cable


Single Core PVC Flexible Mains Cable

Plain annealed flexible copper conductor, PVC insulated PVS sheathed, 450/750 volts, generally to BS6004 & IEC60502. Flame propagation to BS4066 PT1 & IEC332 PT1.

Temperature limits -15˚ to + 70˚C

Conductor Size (mm²) Stranding (mm) No. of Cores Weight (Kg/Km) Mean Overall Diameter (mm)
2 x 35.0 276/0.40 1 (x2) 515 (x2) Lower Limit 14.3
Upper Limit 14.7

400hz connector


  • 115 – 200 Volt AC 400Hz 6 pole
  • Rated for 450Amps continuous current and 1500 Amps for 1 minute
  • Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 and BS 4G 178

Features and Benefits

  • Robust materials ensure long life reliability
  • Modular design to ensure ease of maintenance
  • Available with detachable front nose sections
  • Individual tubes/pins can be replaced
  • Crimped or soldered contacts
  • Adjustable lanyard
  • Non slip, rubber, lanyard clamp

Specification Sheet

Tool changes and substitutions can happen without notice