Airbus A300

The Airbus A300, the world’s first twin-engine, wide-bodied airliner, with seating for approximately 247 passengers in two classes, has seen various cargo and freight variants, making it the best-selling freight aircraft in history according to Airbus. Recognized for its high performance and safety standards, the A300 achieved several milestones, including being the first ETOPS-compliant aircraft. It also pioneered the use of composite materials, reducing weight and improving cost-effectiveness, and introduced innovations like centre-of-gravity control and electrically signalled secondary flight controls.

Red Box is excited to present a diverse range of ground power equipment tailored for the Airbus A300. Our offerings include tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, all designed to meet the specific requirements of the Airbus A300.

Featured among our products for the Airbus A300 is the RBC8090 GPU Frequency Converter.

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