Bombardier (Regional) Challenger 870

Derived from the Challenger 800, and later variant 850, the Challenger 870 is an airliner developed by Bombardier. The original Challenger 800 was the largest super-midsize business jet ever manufactured by the company, who have based the design of the initial Challenger 800 on the predecessing CRJ200 LR regional airliner. Aspiring to create a luxurious corporate business jet, Bombardier envisioned an aircraft with a glass cockpit, retractable landing gear and utilising twin General Electric CF34-3B1 mounted on the rear fuselage. The updated variant Challenger 850 was optimised for high-speed transcontinental operations, with Bombardier creating the Challenger 870 CS executive shutter variant from this model. The 870 CS is equipped with advanced avionics and with improved performance, produced between 2005 and 2009.

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