Bombardier (Regional) CRJ100

The Bombardier (formerly Canadair) CRJ100 and CRJ200 are a family of regional twin-jet airliners, developed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. The first model CRJ100 was based on the Challenger CL-600 derived 610E design project, which was a development intended as a 36 seat jet airliner, however never going to production. In spite of the termination of the project in 1981, Bombardier revived the plans after aquiring Canadair in 1986. At the time, it was evident that a demand for such an aircraft is rapidly increasing, and for this reason Bombardier commenced developing the CRJ100. The fuselage of the existing CL-600 was extended, fitted with reinforced wings and made with slight amendments for improved aerodynamics, this including a re-envisaged landing gear. The CRJ utilised a pair of General Electric CF34-3A1 turbofan powerplants.

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