Fokker 28

The Fokker F28 Fellowship is a twin-engine short range jet airliner introduced in 1969. The F28 Fellowship was designed and manufactured by Fokker. In the 1960s, Fokker found themselves insipred by a requirement released by the British European Airways, calling for a high speed regional turbojet airliner. Throughout the design period Fokker paid close attention to obtaining market surveys, and attending to operators concerns established with previous models, in order to develop an aircraft that can become successful in the contemporary market. The finalised design was a short-haul twin-engine jetliner with low-mounted wings, and able to accommodate for 70 passengers. The initial model was designated the Fokker Mk 1000 (F28-1000).

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This includes the popular RBI9400T mechanic hand trolley case complete with 161 BAHCO tools and the 850FBO tug. We also offer a combination of start and continuous power in one unit for the Fokker F28 Fellowship aircrafts in our TC3000 range.

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