Sabreliner 60 Series

The North American Sabreliner, later known as the Rockwell Sabreliner, is a mid-sized business jet crafted by North American Aviation. Its design was submitted in response to a requirement outlined by the United States Air Force, leading to the exclusive military variant named T-39A. The initial civilian series received the designation Sabreliner 40, boasting a spacious cabin and powered by General Electric JT12A turbojet engines. In 1967, the Series 40 evolved into the Series 60, featuring a stretched fuselage for a more capacious cabin that could accommodate 12 passengers.

Red Box is delighted to present a comprehensive range of ground power equipment tailored for Sabreliner 60 series aircraft. Our offerings include tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements of the Sabreliner 60 series.

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