What is a Pushback Tractor?

Pushback TractorsAt Red Box Aviation, we recently looked into the Pushback Procedure and the equipment used during the process, most notably aircraft tugs. Now, we are taking a closer look at Pushback Tractors, which are ideal for moving larger aircraft.

A pushback tractor used to move large aircraft tends to weigh up to 54 tonnes (119,000 pounds) and has a drawbar pull of 334 kN (75,000 lbf). An increased level of visibility can also be achieved, as the driver’s cabin can often be raised during the reversing process, whilst it can usually be lowered to ensure that it fits underneath aircraft, too.

Overall, there are two different kinds of pushback tractor available; conventional and towbarless (TBL).

A tow bar is used within conventional tugs in order to connect the tug to the nose landing gear of the aircraft, whereas towbarless (TBL) tractors have the capability of scooping up the nose landing gear, lifting it off the ground in the process, meaning that there is no need for a towbar.

There are a wide range of pushback tugs available via the Red Box Aviation website but, as present, we do not offer pushback tractors.

Please contact us today regarding your tug requirements and we will be happy to help.